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Make Hypnosis and Regressions Works for you and Your problemsWhat is Hypnosis?some people think that hypnosis is a form of sleep.This is a myth. If a person tries to talk under sleep; his sleepwould get *p and communication can not be done simultaneously.Whereas, when a person is under hypnosis, even lengthy communicationcan be done with him without termination of hypnotic trance.During hypnosis Subject is scanned thru his own body and mind and himself clearsall his negetivity which may be affecting his current life in this we removenegetivity or attachments,he/she is then taken to his age back of his currentlife in slots and can find out the actual reason of his current problems,or elsehe's also taken into Mother's Womb where sometimes problems have reasons from ittoo or then if problems is related to his past life we go back in hisprevious life or lives to resolve his current problems and try to eradicatethose problems releiving those traumas which are bothering them .problems like Phobhias of all kind,Depressions,Stress,any physical ailments can be done through this technique.So treatmentis done on whole as'You' Healing is done on Physical level ,then Mental leveland then Soul Level


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1. Mining Supplies: Other Mining Supplies


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