Frequently Asked Questions

This is the page on which you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Please read them first before asking us a question, it will save us both time. If you do not find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.



1) Do you, at, buy or sell products?

No, we do not buy or sell products ourselves. We offer specialized websites for all kind of industries and are as such an intermediate between the businesses listed on our websites. Please do not contact us about products or businesses listed on our websites. If you wish to know some industry related information, you will have to contact the businesses listed on our website. For all other non content related questions feel free to contact us.


2) How do I buy or sell products on your website?

You can find products on the product page (second tab with overall product name) and in the Marketplace. If you are interested in one of the products listed on our website you will have to contact the business that added the product to our website. You can do this by clicking the Contact button shown next to the product or supplier. If you want to get your own products listed on these pages you'd have to register and add them in your profile.


3) How can I contact a business on your website?

You will have to have a registration on one of our websites in order to contact a business listed on our website. After you log-in you can click the Contact button in the box of the other company or look at their contact information on their company page.


4) Can I register my company on this website too?

Yes, if you are active in the industry of this website you can register your business in the appropiate section and be listed on our website. Basic registration is free in all sections. If are you active in another industry go to: and check for the website related to your industry. You can select multiple industries in the registration process. 


5)  Is registration free?

Yes, basic registration is free in all sections. We offer a premium, supreme and corporate membership with a higher ranked listing and more possibilities (e.g. adding products). Click here for an overview of our memberships.


6) I am not active in the industry this website represents but want to contact a member listed on this website, is that possible?

Yes, if you are a business active in one of the industries we have a website for (see for an overview:, just register at that website and come back at this website and contact the company you wish to contact. The contacting possibilities of our premium and supreme memberships are valid for all our websites. So with a registration at one website you can contact members at our other websites of your interest.


7) I would like to have a registration on multiple of your websites as I am active in all of those industries, is that possible?

Yes, you can have registrations on more than one of our websites (if you are active in the industry those websites represent ofcourse). It is also very easy to do. Start registering at the website of one of the industries you're active in. During the registration process you get the option to select other portals you're active in. After the registration you can check the areas your active in, and update them, in your back-end at the tab 'Supplier Status'.


8) I registered for one website, but now I'm active in more industries. What to do?

You can go to the back-end of your company profile (by clicking on 'Administration' in the My Account menu). Here you can select Supplier Status and add the industry you're now also active in. 


9) How do I get a higher ranking?

You can get a higher ranking by filling out more information on your profile. Your activity on the website, reliability and other factors may also influence your ranking. This may influence your ranking by one star. Getting a paid membership is the way to go for getting an even higher ranking.


10) I want to get a banner ad on your website. What do I do?

That's great! Please contact [email protected] for the possibilities, fill in the contact form or call us at +31-88-5252290


11) I forgot the emailadres I registered with. What should I do now?

The fastest way to solve this, is by calling us at +31-88-5252290. You can also fill in the contact form.


12) How do I change my password?

After you log-in, you can go to Administration in the menu (opened by clicking on My Account). Go to Company Users and select the user you want to change the password for. Fill in the new password and click on Save.


13) How do I change my company information?

After you log-in, you can go to Administration in the menu (opened by clicking on My Account). At the tab Company Details you can change your companies information. 


14) How can I manage multiple users for my company?

After you log-in, you can go to Administration in the menu (opened by clicking on My Account). Go to Company Users. Here you can add, edit and delete users.