The 22nd China (Guangzhou) Int’l Non-Ferrous Metals (Copper) Exhibition

The 22nd China (Guangzhou) Intl Non-Ferrous Metals (Copper) Exhibition INVITATION




Succeed to the rich resources and experience of the twenty one exhibitions , it attracts 200,000 professional purchasers. It has been attending by more than 30 countries business departments, and issued by more than 300 medias, “The 22nd China (Guangzhou) Intl Non-Ferrous Metals (Copper) Exhibition”will be held at the largest exhibition center in Asia.

With the view of the world, experts predict that the largest exhibition in the line will be held in China in the future, hope that we can service satisfied for you by our endeavor.

We are sure that we can act as first-class bridge, first-class stage and create business opportunities for you.


Schedule and Venue

Show time:16-18 September, 2021

Move-in: 14-15 September, 2021   Move-out: 1pm, 18 September, 2021

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex C Area

 (980, Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China)


Scope of exhibiting

1. Large copper production enterprises image display, Copper smelting technology and process, Raw materials for copper processing, Brand promotion.

2. Copper processing products (Copper tube, pipe, valve, sanitary ware and other copper hardware etc.).

3. New section copper material and products applied in hi-tech industries, IT, electron, aerospace, auto, household appliance, construction material, electric power, etc.

4. Copper processing equipment (tube, bar, plate, wire, etc.), Kiln equipment, smelting equipment, automatic control system and equipment, inspection equipment, analytical instruments, and surface spread equipment.

5. Reclamation technology and equipment of wasted copper, environmental protection technology and equipment during copper production, as well as copper products packing equipments.

6. Copper casting, die casting, production technology and equipment; copper products packaging equipment

7. Copper valves, copper pipelines, copper pipe fittings, bath appliances and other copper Hardware products.

8. Auxiliary materials for production of nonferrous metals (chemicals, solvents, refractory, material, intermediate alloy, gas, water, oil) etc.

9. Raw Materials of non-ferrous metals: Copper, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc lead, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, antimony, tin, chromium, tungsten, tantalum and indium, magnetic materials, exotic materials, rare earth materials, noble metal materials and different kinds of alloy materials, etc.

10. New technologies, new products in all kinds of large-scale copper material markets and product applications.

11. Non-ferrous Metal Products (Primary, semi-finished, finished products): Copper products (tubular products, plates, sheet materials, steel bars, belt materials, bar stocks, and alloy products, etc.); aluminum products (aluminum alloy section bars, tubular products, steel bars, plates, belt materials, foil materials, aluminum flakes, aluminum ingots, etc.); titanium alloy products; magnesium alloy products; powder metallurgy products, etc.


Exhibition charges

Brand hall: minimum area of 36sqm

Overseas exhibitors Standard Booth: (USD) $3800 /booth/9sqm

Included Basic Fitting : booth boarding, fascia board with company name, one table, two chairs, carpet , garbage can , two daylight lamps ,air condition

 (USD) $380/sqm for bare area, (USD) $5 /sqm constructing administrative fee in exhibition area

Product release conference, seminar   USD 800/section (120mins)



The official catalogue will be beautifully printed with A4 art papers210mm×285 mmand distributed to exhibitors and visitors. Enterprises are welcomed to make advertisement of the or by other ways. The details see as follows:


Cover: USD8500

Admission ticket:


Inside front cover/inside back cover: USD3500

Back cover/marked page USD4750

Color page: USD1500

Press kit:USD3750/5000pcs


Procedures of participation

1Post or fax the application to our company after fill in and seal it.

2、Exhibitors must remit the exhibiting expenditure into the account of our company and fax the bill to our company in one week after receiving the stand confirmation.

3、The contract will be putting into effect officially after our company receive all the expenditure from exhibitors. The exhibitors mustnt sublease or loan their stand to others by any ways.

4、The location of stand will be allotted according to the date of application and the size of stand.



Advertise in the related authoritative magazines in Germany, the United States, UK, South Korea, India ,Russia, Japan etc.

Report and advertise consecutively by local TV station, publication, and newspaper.

Send 300,000 visiting tickets to target customer free of charge by the purchaser inviting department of our company.

Hand out of the leaflets about the exhibition by the local professional association (academy), embassy economic section of foreign countries in China and the international relevant organization in China.

Hand out of the leaflets in the relevant exhibitions domestic and abroad.



;Help exhibitors arrange the conveyance of exhibits.

;Help arrange the lodging and ticket for exhibitors in prior and preferential.

;Help the exhibitors open the news release meeting and trade meeting on site.

;Invite the domestic and international expert hold the forum of high level profession.

;Help the exhibitors collect the concerning market information and data.


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The 22nd China (Guangzhou) Int’l Non-Ferrous Metals (Copper) Exhibition